The Pleasures of Living

The Grand Arena

The Grand arena at the Olympiad Club has a host of outdoor sporting facility. From your apartment you will always have an open view of the playing fields and game courts - and the fresh air that goes with it.

Field of Dreams

Street football and corridor cricket are now history. A full-sized football and cricket field provides a permanent green lung. Teach your children the finer points of the games. Maybe they will be champions one day !

Club-class Thrills

The sporting action continues at the adjoining Olympiad Club, which features a variety of facilities. From cricket, football, tennis, squash and badminton to bowling, foosball and carrom, there is no end to the games you can play. To stay fit there is also a gym and a yoga centre that caters to all ages. For sedentary pursuits the audio-visual room and library are great escapes.

Splashes of Delight

As a member of the Olympiad Club, you have access to not one, but two swimming pools. There is an outdoor pool to keep you cool through the hot and humid seasons as well as an indoor, all-weather pool with the Olympiad Club complex. If you love to splash, the romance is about to begin!

For your Convenience

Life cannot be all fun and games. To keep your new home well-stocked, the Olympiad Club convenience store has all the essential supplies for your daily needs. Groceries, provisions, stationery and even gifts, you can get it all at friendly neighbourhood prices.

Beautiful Moments

Feel like being pampered? Visit the Beauty Parlour for some expert attention. Facial, massage, hairstyling, pedicure... and you'll come out feeling like new. It is one more thoughtful way to keep you glowing through the years.


The Olympiad’s multicuisine restaurant is the best place to invite guests after showcasing your new home, campus and club. For parties with larger headcounts, there is the Olympiad’s spacious banquet hall that is designed to make such events a success with adequate service and equipment support.

Health Help at Hand

In any medical situation speed is critical. The Olympiad Club has its own medical centre and polyclinic where you can consult a doctor and receive emergency treatment. For anything more serious, there are several excellent hospitals in the neighbourhood. Help is always at hand.

Kids Cosy Corner

Who will take care of your kids when you go to work? The Olympiad Club is the answer. The facilities are a delight with learning games and a well-equipped children's play area to keep them engrossed for hours. Swayam City is a great place to grow up in!

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